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The Summer Ends


The summer ends, and it is time
To face another way. Our theme
Reversed, we harvest the last row
To store against the cold, undo
The garden that will be undone.
We grieve under the weakened sun
To see all earth’s green fountains dried,
And fallen all the works of light.
You do not speak, and I…



calligraphy by Pakistani Artist Zahid Mayo (recent NCA graduate)



calligraphy by Pakistani Artist Zahid Mayo (recent NCA graduate)

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From “The Next Tango With Paris,” Ta-Nehisi Coates

School never ends for the hard student. She is primarily concerned with her curiosities, not the benchmarks of others.

My expectations for French are derived from my experience. I expect to suck for awhile. Then I expect to slowly get better. The point is neither mastery, nor fluency. The point is hard study—the repeated application of a principle until the eyes and ears bleed a little. And then all of that again. In my time as a hard student, I have found that it is much better to focus on process, than outcomes. The question isn’t “When will I master the subjunctive?” It’s “Did I put in my hour of study today?” 

I’ve gone back to some classics—English Grammar For Speakers of French. I’ve gone back to some non-classics—X-Men: Second Coming en Français. I’m going to have three hour long conversations a week. And I am going to do this because I like doing it. I like the study and discovery. Fluency—to the extent it exists—is not really up to any conscious part of me.

On y va mes amis.

prêt —ready

prêt —ready

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This school year, i intend

to bring joy to my work, take 

joy from my work.

Forløsning, Henrik Nordbrandt

Forløsning, Henrik Nordbrandt

"Let the Day Go," Grace Paley

who needs it
I had another day in mind
something like this one
         sunny green the earth
just right having suffered
the assault of what is called
torrential rain the pepper
the basil sitting upright
in their little boxes waiting
I suppose for me also the
cosmos the zinnias nearly
blooming a year too late
forget it let the day go
the sweet green day let it
take care of itself